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2021 Grow-NY $500,000 Winner 2021 Grow-NY 2nd Place Winner

Watch Neupeak's Pitch at the 2021 Grow-NY Summit Finalist Pitch.

We are ecstatic to announce Neupeak's 2nd place win of $500,000 at the Grow-NY Food & Agriculture Summit.

Grow-NY is a business competition focused on growing an enduring food and agriculture innovation cluster in the Grow-NY region. The competition attracts innovative, high-growth food and agriculture startups from across the globe and engages them in the region's rapidly-growing startup ecosystem. It is a business competition with its intention to cultivate a food and agriculture boom in the Grow-NY region. Innovative, high-growth food and agriculture startups are captivated to participate in/the competition from around the world to enter the region's flourishing startup ecosystem.

High-growth food and agriculture startups from across the globe compete. The 20 finalists are selected and meet in New York to give a presentation each where seven startups are awarded prizes from a prize pool of $3 million with the first place prize being $1 million and the following places winning half the money of the previous position.

Neupeak was one of the 20 finalists that was selected and asked to the Grow-NY summit to present. Our CEO Anshul Porwal and Alex Moret our Director of Sales and Field Operations flew down in November 2021 to present our pitch deck about Neupeak in person.

Thanks to the hard work of our CEO Anshul Porwal and Director of Sales Alex Moret, Neupeak placed second in the competition and won $500,000. It was a fruitful experience for Neupeak and meeting all of the different companies and seeing how they are tackling various challenges was an insightful. With this 2nd place win, Grow-NY has given Neupeak the opportunity to start operations on the East Coast and collaborate with Cornell University.

link to grow-ny webpage:,per%20pound%20of%20berries%20collected

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